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        Recruiterbox’s?interview?scheduling?software?helps your team coordinate busy schedules, emails or?phone calls, and interviews with email and calendar integration tools.

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        “We are constantly searching to hire the best people for the job. Recruiterbox allows us to reach deeper into online sites for candidates.”

        Merryl Nik-Khah, Human Resources Director, Beauty Brands

        “We looked at everything, and I really found an exceptional user experience with Recruiterbox. It's very intuitive and easy to use. You guys nailed it!”


        After weeks of posting your open job to various sources, receiving multiple resumes, and sorting through to find the?best candidates, you are now ready to schedule those important interviews. Arranging for a convenient time that works for each?team member?and the candidate, can be challenging. With busy schedules, back-and-forth emails or?phone calls, the challenge is intensified if companies don’t have an?interview?scheduling?software.


        Recruiterbox has an applicant tracking system (ATS) that automatically sends you an interview scheduling email. Team members can sync their Outlook, Google, or other external calendars, in Recruiterbox so when scheduling the interview time existing conflicts can be avoided. Candidates will also receive interview requests to their email address and once accepted, the event is posted on everyone’s calendars. This eliminates the need to go back and forth between external email and calendar programs to provide a better candidate experience.


        The faster you can accomplish the interview, the quicker you can hire the best talent; think of the time and frustration you will save. Recruiterbox also features a centralized collection of comments and evaluations from each team member interviewing the candidate. Team members can rate the candidate, plus add comments about candidate feedback for all team members involved to review, all within the software’s interface.

        By providing a centralized place for interviewing scheduling and interviewer feedback, Recruiterbox ensures that no one’s voice is overlooked and favorably keeps the applicant tracking system on schedule for “hiring” the next new candidate.


        • Schedule interviews – this ATS interview scheduling functionality allows you to arrange appointments with both candidates and team members without a constant exchange of emails or phone calls
        • Streamlined scheduling – centralizes all phases of the hiring process, including the important task of interview scheduling
        • Team members can sync calendars avoiding scheduling conflicts and setting up interview faster with long delays
        • Centralized location for team members to accumulate comments, ratings, or feedback on each candidate, eliminating the back and forth emails of comments

        Easy-to-use from posting jobs, to resume management, applicant tracking, scheduling interviews, new hire information, and onboard documents