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        Modernize your recruitment with a fully web-based talent acquisition software. From sourcing new hires to scheduling interviews, our online hiring software will streamline and consolidate your recruitment process in one central location.

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        We know how hard it can be to stay on top of candidates as they come in. With Recruiterbox, you can bring your entire hiring process into one web-based solution – all in one place. Our online hiring software helps keep hiring managers connected with each job applicant from start to finish, so that no candidates get lost in the shuffle.

        With Recruiterbox, you can:

        • 钱凯丽Source钱凯丽?– Post to job boards and source top talent
        • 钱凯丽Evaluate钱凯丽 – Schedule interviews, share evaluations, and add notes
        • 钱凯丽Collaborate钱凯丽 – Assign tasks to colleagues, share candidate profiles, and collect feedback


        Recruiterbox is a web-based hiring software and applicant tracking system used by over 2,000 small to medium-sized companies. Our web-based recruiting software requires no installation and is simple and easy-to-use. Here’s a few reasons our customers love using Recruiterbox:

        • Easy to set up careers page
        • Customizable job application forms
        • Keyword search tools, tags, and ratings
        • Reports that empower your hiring team make data-driven hiring decisions

        Recruiterbox consolidates your recruitment information in one place, making your hiring process more efficient. Sign up for a free live demo today!