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        Attracting and locating the right candidates for your job postings can be a difficult task. The job market is saturated and finding top talent without the use of recruiting software is almost impossible. Recruiterbox has the tools you need for candidate sourcing, recruitment marketing, social recruiting, and more.

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        Over 2000 companies trust Recruiterbox with recruiting and hiring. Our recruiting software has the tools your hiring managers will appreciate. Everything you need for a successful recruiting process including the ability to post to free job boards, post openings to social media, invite external recruiters, utilize referrals, manage your own career site, and more. Our web-based applicant tracking system that can be customized to all of your recruitment process needs. From distributing job postings, an individual’s application process, resume management, interviews, and more, Recruiterbox is a simple and easy-to-use applicant tracking system solution. Designed for small to medium-sized businesses, the recruiting software can be tailored to streamline your entire recruiting process.


        It is crucial that your job postings reach top talent through search engines, social media sites, websites, job boards, careers-pages, and more. Recruiterbox has a career site management feature that ensures a job posting can reach 5 popular search engine syndications like Indeed, SimplyHired, Glassdoor, ApplyIQ, and Recruit.net, as well as social media sites. Close to 80% of job seekers today use social media to search for new jobs.


        Other reasons why you would love Recruiterbox include:

        • 欧冠规则Resume Management欧冠规则 – resume parsing automatically creates candidate profiles; download resumes from different sources; and auto-sorts for best candidates
        • 欧冠规则Applicant Tracking欧冠规则 – each team member knows where each applicant is in the hiring process
        • 欧冠规则Careers Site Management欧冠规则 – post jobs once to various sources and update all at once to sources like website, search engines, careers-pages, and social media
        • 欧冠规则Collaborative Recruiting欧冠规则 – create and delegate tasks; share notes and evaluations
        • 欧冠规则Recruitment Automation欧冠规则 – alerts for interviews, create email templates for automated candidate notifications
        • 欧冠规则Sourcing Candidates欧冠规则 – free search engine syndication and postings to social media sites
        • 欧冠规则Interview Scheduling欧冠规则 – save time in the interview process with shared calendars, shared notes, and evaluations
        • 欧冠规则Reports欧冠规则 – EEOC, source and applicant tracking statistics, and customized reports

        Recruiterbox is considered one of the top recruiting software and applicant tracking systems on the market today. Empower your recruitment process with a solution that works. Sign up for your free live demo by clicking the button below.