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        An evolving job market can pose hiring challenges for hiring managers and talent acquisition specialists, but a recruiting software can give you an edge in finding new hires. Stay ahead of the competition with a talent acquisition software that keeps you organized throughout the hiring process.

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        Recruiterbox can transform your recruitment processes with an applicant tracking system solution that will bring the candidate experience into the digital age.

        • 色丁香网Diversify your sources.色丁香网 Attract job seekers with job postings through your careers page, job boards, employee referrals and social media sites like Linkedin and Facebook.
        • 色丁香网Every job is different.色丁香网 Customize your application forms, workflows, and hiring stages for each open position, or save and recycle existing templates.
        • 色丁香网First impressions count.色丁香网 Beautiful careers pages, easy applications, efficient communication, and interview self-scheduling contribute to an excellent experience for your candidates throughout the recruiting process.
        • 色丁香网Stay Connected.色丁香网 Develop a talent acquisition strategy that is collaborative, efficient, and streamlined.


        Plan, customize, and strategize your talent acquisitions with the following features:

        色丁香网Applicant Tracking色丁香网 – track and manage applicants throughout your hiring pipeline. Stay on top of tasks add notes, and rate new talent

        色丁香网Job Search Engine Syndication色丁香网 – With just a few clicks, publish to 5 job search engines: Indeed, Glassdoor, SimplyHired, Recruit.net, and ApplyIQ

        色丁香网Resume Management色丁香网 – Collect resumes from all different sources into the applicant in one central talent pool

        色丁香网Talent Acquisition Automation色丁香网 – Create job post templates, email templates, and notifications for interviews, appointments, and tasks. Send automated emails for different hiring stages

        色丁香网Reports色丁香网 – Understand your hiring pipeline with elastic reporting. such as source reports, openings and applicants reports, stage reports, EEO reports and more

        色丁香网Collaboration色丁香网 – Our collaborative hiring software is built for your team. Partner with colleagues throughout interview scheduling; share notes and assign tasks with your team in real time