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        Attract, engage, and manage candidates in one central location.

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        How do you go about keeping your candidates in the loop throughout the hiring process? Without a recruiting software in place, it’s easy to lose track of a candidate in the shuffle of resumes and applications. A candidate management software will help you attract, evaluate, and hire the best talent – while providing an excellent candidate experience from start to finish.

        With Recruiterbox, all your candidate information is stored in one central management system, ensuring that none of your candidates fall through the cracks. A quick glance at your Recruiterbox dashboard will save time and tell you where each of your candidates is in the hiring process, and our reporting tools will help you identify bottlenecks in your hiring process.


        Recruiterbox’s software solution is full of features built to streamline your candidate relationship management and help you find new hires.

        • 黑暗面电影完整版Candidate Tracking黑暗面电影完整版 – Track and manage your talent pool in one central location
        • 黑暗面电影完整版Resume Management黑暗面电影完整版 – Build a resume database, generate candidate profiles, sort by keywords or phrases, and bulk upload resumes from multiple sources
        • 黑暗面电影完整版Career Site Management黑暗面电影完整版 – Post new jobs and sync job openings to your company’s careers page, update to different sources like job boards, careers-pages, search engines, and social media sites
        • 黑暗面电影完整版Collaborative Recruiting黑暗面电影完整版 – Our collaborative hiring software facilitates communication within Recruiterbox keeps you and your hiring team on the same page in real-time
        • 黑暗面电影完整版Recruitment Automation黑暗面电影完整版 – Create notifications, alerts, email templates, and auto archive candidate profiles
        • 黑暗面电影完整版Candidate Sourcing黑暗面电影完整版 – Attract and source job seekers from multiple sources, such as: job boards, posts to social media sites like LinkedIn, and more. Includes free search engine syndication with Indeed, SimplyHired, Glassdoor, ApplyIQ, and Recruit.net
        • 黑暗面电影完整版Interview Scheduling黑暗面电影完整版 – Calendar integration for hiring managers, shared calendars, and candidate self-scheduling make interview scheduling simple and easy
        • 黑暗面电影完整版Reporting黑暗面电影完整版 – Exportable reports on candidate source, time to hire, hiring pipeline and EEOC