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        Locating and hiring qualified candidates is no easy task for hiring managers. Job openings can take weeks or months to fill which can take away from other critical human resources duties. An online applicant tracking system like Recruiterbox is crucial for recruiting, evaluating candidates, and hiring in today’s fast-paced and digital world.

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        Candidates expect a certain level of interaction and speed during the application process. They expect to be updated at every step and provided a timeline for hiring. Your ATS software should automate that communication when possible to keep candidates in the loop. You risk losing top talent from a lack of contact if you don’t. Recruiterbox automates that communication process whenever possible with email templates and candidate auto-response.


        Recruiterbox is a web-based, online applicant tracking software used by over 2000 small to medium-sized companies. There are many reasons why HR people love Recruiterbox:

        • A simple and easy-to-use recruiting software and online applicant tracking system
        • Post jobs once, update everywhere on website, careers-pages, job boards, social recruiting like LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, etc
        • Ability to customize application and questionnaire forms for specific qualifications
        • Sort automatically through hundreds of resumes for keywords/phrases for best candidates, resulting in faster interview scheduling
        • Collaborative communication between the director, hiring managers, and hiring team
        • Recruiterbox has a repetition for user-friendly candidate experience and excellent customer support
        • Leaves no room for miscommunication – HR professionals know what is happening for each candidate before it happens

        HR professionals love using Recruiterbox because all the recruitment information is in one place and they can customize the entire hiring process to meet the needs of their business. This results in a faster recruitment process where they can find the right person for the right job before they get away.

        HR hiring managers and recruiters can stay on top of each aspect of the recruiting process with the right recruiting tools. No more manually collecting job applications/resumes, reviewing each one individually, or spending hours on back-and-forth emails/phone calls for interview scheduling. Recruiterbox takes the “work” out of the hiring process and gives you more time to focus on other priorities.

        Keep up with the ever-changing digital HR technology by investing in an applicant tracking system that meets all your recruitment process requirements and keeps you competitive in today’s job market.


        Recruiterbox has the following software features:

        • 跳刀跳刀Resume and Talent Management跳刀跳刀 – download resumes from different sources; filter job applicants; and match best candidates with job postings
        • 跳刀跳刀Applicant Tracking跳刀跳刀 – know where each candidate is in the hiring process
        • 跳刀跳刀Career Site Management跳刀跳刀 – job postings, careers pages, job boards, websites, and social media recruiting on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, etc
        • 跳刀跳刀Collaborative Recruiting跳刀跳刀 – keep all team members informed at the same time
        • 跳刀跳刀Recruitment Automation跳刀跳刀 – sort hundreds of resumes with keywords/phrases
        • 跳刀跳刀Sourcing Candidates?跳刀跳刀?– job seekers and talent acquisition from various sources
        • 跳刀跳刀Classified Hiring Information跳刀跳刀 – private fields and conversations when needed
        • 跳刀跳刀Business Class Software跳刀跳刀 – transparent pricing, data security, and support
        • One, affordable, annual price with everything included, no hidden costs

        Don’t get left behind in this competitive job market. Give Recruiterbox a try, and you’ll be glad you did. Sign up for your free live demo today.