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        Free isn’t always better. Typically, free applicant tracking systems generate revenue by charging customers for third-party services, such as job postings, candidate assessments, or video interviews. Don’t waste your time with a low-quality free solution, invest in a paid HR applicant tracking system like Recruiterbox. Recruiterbox has everything you need to find and hire top talent. Book your demo today!

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        Is there anything really FREE these days? With so many recruiting software companies and HR applicant tracking systems out there, it can be overwhelming to find the right small business recruiting software to suit your needs. Yes, free applicant tracking system (ATS) tools can be attractive; especially, if your company is recruiting on a budget. But, can a free ATS realistically meet your small business needs?

        Generally, vendors allow users to post to free job boards but then charge for posting jobs on paid sites, such as Monster or LinkedIn. Some vendors offer a free introductory product or a free version but then charge for upgrades to additional features.


        Recruiterbox is an HR applicant tracking system and recruiting software that offers a complete solution with no surprises. Recruiterbox offers simple, annual pricing that includes all the features of the applicant tracking system, with no extra setup costs, support costs, or per-user costs.

        With Recruiterbox, you know what you are getting, for exactly how much, and with no surprises. You receive the benefits of:

        • Complete access to a complete, cloud, web-based applicant tracking system solution for your human resources hiring process
        • One simple, affordable, annual pricing fee for all job openings, social recruiting with social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google, video interviews, candidate profiles, posting jobs, and much more
        • When you sign up for Recruiterbox, you can budget for that exact amount
        • No extra set-up costs, support or per-user costs
        • Best of all – no additional surprises!

        Sign up for your free demo of Recruiterbox below and see why it is considered one of the best ATS solutions on the market today.